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Sad but true…

8 Jul

I have a Three Graces announcement to make <fanfare> – on the 1st anniversary of the blog’s birth in August, I will be closing for business. Obviously it’s been a bit quiet on here recently, having started off with nearly a blog a day. Well, I’ve been darned busy.

The freelance malarkey has taken off and I simply don’t have time to make The Three Graces really good. And who wants anything less than really good? I do hope you’ll follow me – I’ll be writing for Tank from now on, and posting at Because Magazine four times a week. There will be videos, news, features and interviews galore to feast on. I’m also writing for a bevy of glossy magazines and so The Three Graces spirit lives on.

TTFN friends, and thank you for supporting this little experiment of mine. I’ve loved it and will miss these purple walls a whole lot.

Arrivederci x


BeachTomato and Because Magazine up for Handbag awards

31 May

I’d like to suggest you add these two to your ‘Favorites’, lads and lasses. And while you’re at it, perhaps you’ll vote for them to win Handbag awards with the handy link at the bottom of this post?

I started contributing to Kirsty Hathaway’s gorgeous this spring – beautiful design coupled with handy shopping pages and some amazing contributors (Polly Vernon, Indigo Clarke, Bella Pollen…) has created a real buzz. After all, if you can’t spend all day, everyday lying on white sands, what could be better than filling your browser with the world’s best beaches?

I did that little black and white story on the bottom of this beauty page shot – another reason to stop by! (shameless plug).

Second of all is Because Magazine, Tank Magazine’s website collecting fashion, culture and beauty together for you to stop by and admire.

I’m going to be working with this site very soon, so again would LOVE for you to click ‘vote’ in their category, Best Independent Magazine Site. More about them later!

Don’t think of it as ‘influencing votes’, but more of a campaign to see the bestest bits recognized online… Here’s the link should you wish to vote:

How to pick Godparents…

25 Apr


I was recently asked to be godmother to my cousin’s gorgeous baby girl, Tilly. I had to explain my non-church-attending status, but agreed it was such an honour to have a role in Tilly’s life. My husband was surprised they had asked, his reasons being: 1. you don’t like kids; 2. you definitely don’t have any recognisable religion in your life; 3. you quite often lose things.

And so I did start to wonder why I’d been asked. And had been asked twice previously for other children. My first godly duty was to my mother’s friend’s son when I was 12. Beyond my friendship on Facebook and presents, I’m not sure I’ve ever offered him a whole lot of godly support. Then years later, I became ‘supporting adult’ (that’s what you get at a secular naming ceremony, rather than godparents) to my friend’s baby boy. I do send him good presents, but doubt I am among those anyone would call on for babysitting duties. I was a riot at the after-ceremony-party though, of course. So then I asked my husband and friend, what criteria would we have should we ever have a kid and decide to call in extra support (which I’m fairly sure we would need from day 1 based on my propensity to lose things). My husband’s friend then revealed the strategy he had decided would be in place for his offspring.

1. One must have money. At school, a friend of his totalled £1000 a year from his godparents. Enough said.

2. One must have influence. His friends now employed at law firms, recruitment firms and in finance have all had a ‘good word’ from their godparents to seal the deal.

3. One must come with perks. Someone who works in film, for example, and will be able to supply autographs, trips to the movie sets and stage-door meetings with the latest heart-throbs. Or even better, one who has a boat or property abroad for a lifetime of subsidised holidays.

Might go some way to explaining Elton John appointing someone like Lady Gaga as godmother. While I agree this is a callous approach, it does make a semblance of sense. And explains why I’m no longer in regular contact with the majority of godmothers I chose at the age of 10: a colleague of my dad’s (pretty), my babysitter (made good forts), my neighbour (proximity). My husband is still scratching his head as to why I’ve been asked 3 times when I have neither perks, influence or money to speak of, but as I told him – I can only assume it is by merit of my sparkling personality. And in Tilly’s case, possibly my shoe collection.

Cochine – c’est tres chic

6 Apr

A new home fragrancing collection has recently hit our shores – Cochine Saigon. As you’ll know from looking at the backlog of blogs I love candles, oils and frankly any way of making my flat smell like an aromatherapy treatment room. So my ears pricked up at the words ‘candle’ and ‘room mist’ and this week I received one of the prettiest-smelling candles to try for myself.

Look out for my article on for more info on the chic new range:

Karl got Coke.

24 Mar

I used to collect Coke bottles as a kid. Which is weird as I don’t drink Coke. But I had an old 1950s bottle in green glass from the States, a whole bunch of ones I’d collect at any restaurant or pub we visited for lunch (yep, weird) and lots of branded stickers and stamps. In June a new limited edition bottle will launch, that calls out to my 9-year-old self AND my current self – as designed by Karl Lagerfeld. CHANELLO! They’re Diet, naturellement. I remember feeling the same about the Matthew Williamson bottles a few years ago – pretty pop art classics. Nice, aren’t they?

RED Magazine feature

9 Mar

Since I went freelance at the end of last year I have been writing lots of beauty bits (which I have unabashedly directed you to), but I also wrote a more personal feature for Red Magazine, one of my all-time favourites. Now that the new issue is on the shelves and the March issue sold out, I thought I’d add it to the blog so those of you who are abroad might have a chance to read, if you like. More unashamed self-promotion, ahem. Enjoy!

New Luna and Curious store opens in Shoreditch

18 Feb

The extraordinary team at the Luna and Curious website based on Brick Lane, now has a gorgeous store in Shoreditch as well as a small gallery space to showcase their favourite artists.

Jewellery, craftwork, art and clothing are on sale, as ‘curated’ by jeweller Rheanna Lingham and ceramic designers Polly George and Kaoru Parry. Mingling on the shelves you might find a bit of taxidermy alongside some fine bone china. Or how about a piece of hand-stitched silk finery topped with jewellery by one of my favourite (and Brighton-based) designers, Alice Eden? And all under the lights of white umbrella-fixtures – but of course.

Currently hanging in their gallery space is The Amos Estate – photographs of a squatting community form Rotherhithe, taken in the mid 1980s by photographer Gavin Parry. Yet another visual delight from those clever L&C people.


17 Feb

This is true LFW transport.

London will go designer crazy tomorrow, on the first day of LFW, for nearly a week, and it’s nice to see the roads will be just as pretty as the rest of the city. Marc Jacobs cabs, covered in grass and daisies will be out in force, promoting the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance and ferrying around the editors, designers and bloggers, no doubt. Hope I’ll get to flag one down.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is available nationwide from 27 February and priced from £48

Exercise update – ouch.

2 Feb

'Exercising' at the swimming pool...

Yesterday was day one of the new plan to become a better person. I managed a 45 walk before work. Felt good, but today I have very sore buttocks. I’m assured by exercise–pros that this is a good thing. It doesn’t feel good. But to think I can get muscle strain from just walking is a worry. What next? Slip a disc picking up the post from the mat? Slip into a coma waving down a cab?

A lovely PR has offered me a Power Plate session but vanity requires me to perfect my technique here in Hove before I venture to her gorgeous London venue. Imagine schvitzing in Knightsbridge? Quelle horreur!

In other news, my equally-exercise-phobic friend didn’t love Bikram. I was really keen so consulted my trusted choreographer friend again, who reiterated: start with Pilates – it makes everything else easier. So that’s IT. I have to go investigate…

The exercise-phobic Grace tries to get fit…

30 Jan

(c) Vogue Italia

I hate exercise. At school, an annual wrist injury cropped up the night before sports day without fail. I played rounders but my only strength was psyching out the opposition by going cross-eyed when I came to bat. I have been a member of 4 gyms, and have attended a grand total of 23 times throughout my lifetime. I once lived in a building that has a gym in the basement but I never went south of the ground floor.

Yoga didn’t go down well either. The farting, grunting, ball-scratching and sweating of the other people twisting and turning in our drafty village hall was too much for me to return for a second class. Before my wedding some well-meaning friends gave me a stack of work-out DVDs (Davina, Tracey Anderson etc.) which made great coasters on the coffee table. Finally, we got a Wii Fit package which was almost a success. I have faith that when I’ve got into my stride that might become a regular thing, but I’m still easily distracted when that personal trainer isn’t actually in the room forcing me to… I actually don’t know what personal trainers force you to do.

I’m not lazy, mind. I like a walk, I love to swim, I’ve run for a train or two in my time, and I’m too fractious to ever make it as a couch potato. But I bore easily and have not yet found something that keeps me interested. Simple as that. I’ve just lost that sense of urgency to tone up that I had when I was a teenager and Britney Spears’ wash-board stomach seemed essential – in those days vanity drove me to do 100 sit-ups a night. But recently I’ve been thinking about getting older. I eat well, live fairly well, but without those 30 minutes of cardio a day, is my long-term health in jeopardy? I’ve also read that some exercises aid digestion, obviously boost energy levels and can improve skin quality – now that I haven’t got a  lengthy commute to hide behind, it’s time to pull my finger out.

I’ve got a friend trying Bikram Yoga tomorrow, so if she doesn’t come out with 3rd degree burns I might give it a go. Second on the list is Zumba – I’ve been sent all the kit and caboodle, so would be rude not to. Finally, a choreographer friend of mine in London has told me to give Pilates a go. She says it’ll set me up well for yoga and anything else I want to try, so I’m now looking at classes in my area. Watch this space – maybe I’ll be the next Tracey Anderson by spring?

(c) Vogue Italia