BeachTomato and Because Magazine up for Handbag awards

31 May

I’d like to suggest you add these two to your ‘Favorites’, lads and lasses. And while you’re at it, perhaps you’ll vote for them to win Handbag awards with the handy link at the bottom of this post?

I started contributing to Kirsty Hathaway’s gorgeous this spring – beautiful design coupled with handy shopping pages and some amazing contributors (Polly Vernon, Indigo Clarke, Bella Pollen…) has created a real buzz. After all, if you can’t spend all day, everyday lying on white sands, what could be better than filling your browser with the world’s best beaches?

I did that little black and white story on the bottom of this beauty page shot – another reason to stop by! (shameless plug).

Second of all is Because Magazine, Tank Magazine’s website collecting fashion, culture and beauty together for you to stop by and admire.

I’m going to be working with this site very soon, so again would LOVE for you to click ‘vote’ in their category, Best Independent Magazine Site. More about them later!

Don’t think of it as ‘influencing votes’, but more of a campaign to see the bestest bits recognized online… Here’s the link should you wish to vote:


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