The new beauty icons are…. BOYS.

30 Mar

Andrej - (c) modelnikkiphillips

Beautiful skin, razor-sharp cheekbones, rosebud pout…and an Adam’s Apple. The new beauty buzz is around boys, as transgender models Lea T and Andrej Pejic storm fashion campaigns, editorial coverage and catwalks, striding ahead of their female counterparts.

Lea T - (c) NY Times

So they’re trannies? Not exactly. Although of course Jodie Harsh has popped up at every fashion party going in recent years, with more adeptly applied make-up than half the industry’s big hitters. Nor is it about androgyny per se. It’s about polished, preened and unusual beauty – it’s about finding exoticism in difference.

Andrej - (c) Socialitelife

So I asked one of my favourite beauties, London DJ, Munroe Bergdorff: what do you use to achieve this unique brand of chic-and-chiselled perfection? This is Munroe’s kit.


1. Kerastase Oleo Relax Masque: THE best hair treatment that I have ever used. It smells great, is easily applied in a handy spray and my hair feels stronger and looks more glossy from the first use.

2. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation: This foundation gives SUCH good coverage and yet feels light. It’s perfect for day or night and lasts like a dream.

3. Nars Lipstick in Shiap: I love this shade of lipstick. It’s so statement yet goes with SO many outfits – a definite beauty staple.

4. Illamasaqua Liquid Metal liner: One of the most amazing eye products that I have ever used – it’s literally like spreading liquid gold or silver over your skin! So high in shine and pigment, really innovative stuff!

5. Illamasqua Eyelashes: Illamasqua do THE best eyelashes, they give that BOOM to your eye that most eyelashes just can’t achieve! The curl, length, thickness and glue are all perfect.

6. Benefit ‘That Gal’ Primer: Such a great makeup primer, it gives an extra subtle glow to your skin and blends really well with my foundation.

7. Clinique 3 Step Cleanser: I’ve used this cleanser since I was 17. I’ve always had oily/problem skin but this really keeps it under control.



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