An emergency facial at The Treatment Rooms

12 Jan

I don’t do sponsored blogs. So the only reason I would ever big-up a spa or treatment is when I truly love it. And I’ve just had one of those moments this week which I had to tell you about in case you’re ever in the same predicament.

I am going to be in front of the camera this week rather than behind it, and of course after 2 weeks of never leaving the house and enjoying Christmas’ indulgences, my skin is not at its best. So when I found out this about this project, I made a list of the things that could make it a bearable experience:

1. A new wardrobe

2. A haircut

3. An emergency facial

I’ve had pre-shoot facials before and they’re not always a great idea. Extraction, abrasive exfoliation and harsh peels do not promise a peachy face within minutes – in fact, with my sensitive skin I’m more likely to spend the rest of the week covering up the bruises and blemishes that have occurred as a result. But there are two women in Brighton that I trust with my face in the same way I trust my mother with my cashmere. Julieanne Coates, owner of Lanes Health and Beauty and Clare Rogers, owner of The Treatment Rooms. The three of us meet up to share beauty gossip and together they prescribe what I need next: usually a manicure according to Julie and a facial according to Clare. Julie’s team did all my pre-wedding facial prep with a course of microdermabrasion, and Clare’s provided me with much-needed skin analysis and product suggestions. So I rang her with the news of the filming, and she suggested I book her for an hour of TBC-treatments, based on what she found under her mag lamp.

The resulting treatment was a mixture of a gentle peel, ultrasound and massage using Dibi products, with a little extraction across the nose and chin. Well, the results were instant. I didn’t need to apply make-up afterwards and the next day, having applied a mixture of Environ EssentiA Oil and REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream, my skin was smoother, softer and blemish-free. I have some sensitivity around my chin, and even that had cleared up the morning after.

So another one to add to your address book: The Treatment Rooms, 21 New Road, Brighton BN1


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