All For Eve, the new facial oil

10 Jan

Beauty and lifestyle brand, All For Eve was born out of tragic loss. George Hammer, chairman of the Urban Retreat Group at Harrods, lost his sister-in-law, Nadia to Ovarian Cancer in 2008. He wanted to do something to both honour her memory whilst raising funds and awareness of gynaecological cancers. So he created a brand that would donate its net profits to The Eve Appeal, a charity supporting research into the cancers affecting women.

This cause is very close to my own heart – I was lucky enough to be 21 when smears were still available to women under 25. Because borderline changes were detected in my first smear which was then monitored with a follow-up smear every 6 months. I went private when the recommended age for NHS-funded smears went up to 25, and by the time I was 24 I was being treated for pre-cancerous cells. If those had been left undetected my gynaecologist is of the opinion that it may have progressed to full-blown cervical cancer before I’d even reached the age at which my peers would be receiving their first smear tests. How scary is that? Of course Jade Goody famously neglected to attend her own gynaecological check-ups and sadly died aged 27 from cervical cancer. All this goes to show that awareness is key, research is vital, the age of NHS smear tests should be reduced again, and we should all support George’s fantastic endeavour.

Clearly a great number of people agree. Since April 2010, various stockists have bought in the uncompromisingly good products, all made by the Urban Retreat experts to the highest quality. The first products, a bath and shower gel (£4.95), a body lotion (£7.95), a body butter (£9.95), a scrub (£6.95) and a hand cream (£6.95) got the ball rolling, and soon the industry’s top professionals were keen to collaborate.  First an Eve red lipstick (£10) created by make-up artist Daniel Sandler, then a gorgeous Eve red nail polish (£10) by celebrity manicurist, Sophy Robson and then the perfect Christmas gift: a Swarovski crystal nail file (£12.95). 

Well, now one of my favourite skincare brands, Alpha H, have created a divine Age Delay Facial Oil £44 to add to the collection.

And to mark the occasion I’m incredibly lucky to have All For Eve’s beauty expert, Caroline Hirons to tell us a bit more about the product and the cause. Caroline, who should be buying this oil?

“To be honest in this weather it’s suitable for everyone as we are all much more prone to dehydration and dryness – but someone with a maturing skin will see immediate benefit from this beautiful blend of oils. It’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants but is completely weightless so you won’t experience that cloying/heavy feeling you can get with some oils. In a world where the term is overused this product is genuinely 100% naturally derived. It’s the real deal. It is particularly advantageous in winter, as oils are not affected by changes in temperature like water-based moisturisers. So it offers you added protection against the elements, supporting your skin in preventing dryness, redness, chapping and flakiness that can occur when skin is sensitized due to harsh extremes of weather.”

 And how is it best used?

“This, for me, is the added bonus – you can mix this oil with any of your other products including moisturisers, masks, body butters or even your cleanser to start the whole cleanse/tone/moisturise process off with an extra bang, avoiding the eyes of course. I personally prefer to use it neat – 2-3 drops is ample. Really take your time and massage it in thoroughly to stimulate the skin and help circulate the nutrients.”

When we first met you quizzed me on the names of all the gynaecological cancers, and all I could name were Ovarian and Cervical. So set the record straight!

“There are five gynaecological cancers. Vulval, Cervical, Vaginal, Uterine and Ovarian.  20 women a day die from one of these cancers. I am embarrassed to say that I myself didn’t know how many there were until I started working with All For Eve and in all of the meetings I have had since our launch I have yet to meet one woman who can tell me how many there are.”

Why do you think All For Eve has garnered such support from such huge brands and individuals?

“I think All For Eve initially garnered support because of the esteem that George Hammer is held in the industry. George was responsible for bringing a wealth of fabulous brands to the UK including The Sanctuary, Aveda, L’Occitane and in more recent years was responsible for the launch of Urban Retreat in Harrods and Harvey Nichols in Manchester. When George’s colleagues and friends in the industry realised what he was trying to achieve they all rallied round.” 

There is a lot of support for breast cancer charities in the beauty industry – why do you think this is the first push for gynaecological equivalents?

“Support takes awareness, and to get awareness people need to be talking about it – people are still not comfortable discussing ‘down there’ – it’s something that they prefer to keep to themselves. And it’s such a shame because they are not alone – 50 women a day are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer.” We have to stop being embarrassed about talking about our body parts – after all, over 50% of the population have a female reproductive system!”

With exclusive Limited Editions hotly tipped to launch from Elemis, Mama Mio and Lola Rose this is a brand that no bathroom should be without!  A capsule fashion collection with Rock & Republic is also set to launch in the summer of 2011. Find the current product range at Harrods; Fenwick; Fortnum & Mason; Harvey Nichols; John Lewis; selected Boots and Debenhams stores,,, and


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  1. carrie January 11, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    amazing writing…I have such a huge respect for people who tell you their story, thank you.

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