Here’s to 2011

31 Dec

Ciao 2010, thanks for the memories (wedding, going freelance, a new Mulberry…) and here’s to a bright and prosperous 2011, people. I have just got back from Waitrose with all the New Year essentials (Sagitiba, champagne, After Eights, Pomegranates and The Times), and will now batten down the hatches until 2011 is upon us.

First, congratulations to Katharine Hamnett for her appearance on the honour’s list. I first wore one of her t-shirts aged 18 months at a party. Its distinctive black blocky text included a strong swear word, so I shan’t include it here, especially as it also included the word ‘Tories’ and I’d be sad if I was taken off the Smythson discount list. But Enoch Powell was at the same party, feeding me cheese-on-a-stick if you’d believe it, so maybe it wasn’t that bad…

Secondly, I’d like to suggest my own list of honorees for next year, should the Queen need a little nudge.

Emma Hardie – for services to my face

Alex Monroe – for services to jewellery

Alexandra Shulman – no explanation needed

David Sedaris –  for services to funny and to literature

Stella McCartney – for services to floral

Deborah Lyons (Mechante) – for services to feet

Good day to you, see you in the new year xx

(c) Annie Timothy


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