The non-adventurer goes on an adventure

13 Dec

(c) Grace Timothy

I’m not going to make any bones about it – I am not Indiana-Jones brave. That’s not to say I’m frightened by lots of things – an au pair who bred snakes and collected spiders put paid to that, I was happy to have a cobra wrapped round my neck from an early age – but rather that I don’t relish adventures all that much. When I hit 18 and my peers went off to South America and Asia to backpack and build orphanages, avoiding ravines and Delhi belly, I went to Florence to shop for shoes and drink Prosecco. I murmured about maybe finishing off in New Zealand herding sheep but I ended up ordering some sheepskin mittens instead. At the end of my first year at University, my friend invited me to join her on a trip to the Caribbean to work on a turtle conservation project. I just heard Caribbean and thought cocktails, sun and azure seas. I didn’t foresee working on a turtle conservation project being quite as demanding or rough as it turned out being, and four days in I was diagnosed with shingles and sent to sit the rest of the trip out in a hammock. Thank God. The only fun bit was winning the Grand Cayman’s equivalent of Blind Date at The Hard Rock Cafe – others would have thought this scary, answering inane ‘sexy’ questions in front of 100s of drunks, but to me it was child’s play next to chasing giant turtles in the ocean and scraping turtle brain off the highway.

So, when Nivea invited me to Marrakech to ‘trek’ the Atlas Mountains, I thought of the turtles and blanched. But Marrakech was one of my dream destinations – how could I turn down those views, the medina and a spot of winter sun? Not to mention hearing about the new Nivea collection before anyone else. So I asked if I could forgo the trek because 1. I had a sore foot; 2. I had a funny inner ear; 3. I had a fear of heights; 4. I don’t have appropriate footwear, and 5. I can’t walk. All true to a degree, of course, but I think the lovely PR could see I was grasping around for excuses, and kindly agreed to let me use the time to get some work done by the pool…

The other adventures on the itinerary I loved. Cristal at Heathrow when our Gatwick flight was cancelled. Making bread with the Berber women of Morocco. A 2 hour car journey up a mountain with a sheer drop on either side to the craggy valleys. An afternoon in the Medina ducking from the hard sell of another fake Vuitton wallet. It was an amazing trip attended by the loveliest journalists and PRs – many juicy stories were shared and the new range is very exciting (more on that another time!). And the trek? It was cancelled on account of a very long lunch that cut into the allotted trek time. Such a shame! Here are some pictures of the trip, taken by myself and the amazing Montserrat Cuevas of Nivea.

(c) Montserrat Cuevas
Me making Berber bread
Argan oil, sesame oil and olive oil for us made by the Berber community

(c) Montserrat Cuevas

(c) Montserrat Cuevas

 The beauty crew drink Mojitos through the allocated trek time. Oops.

(c) Montserrat Cuevas

Sarah Jossel of Glamour makes Argan oil, overseen by Ann-Louise of Nivea, Sarah-Jane of Essentials (see also the Beauty Club!) and Jess of In Style.

Sarah Jossel (Glamour), Jess Tibbits (In Style) and Cassie Powney (Cosmopolitan) dine at Jnane Tamsna


3 Responses to “The non-adventurer goes on an adventure”

  1. sarah jossel December 13, 2010 at 10:17 am #

    Grace is the best bread maker ever! We would know xxx

  2. Montserrat Cuevas December 13, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    I loved it Grace! It’s great

  3. sam f December 14, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    gutted about missing that trek! hmmm….

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