Like a candle in the bin #2: room sprays

8 Dec

I’ve now been using Aromatherapy Associates’ Room Fragrancer for a week and I L.O.V.E. it. The fragrance is so gentle it doesn’t overpower like incense, just softly imbues the room with a comforting swathe of sweet scent. It’s perhaps too gentle for fumigating a kitchen post-roast, but coupled with an open window the stench is gone in minutes. Also, I was concerned about it getting as hot as my oil burners used to, but it stays at a touchable temperature til you switch it off again. As for looks – it blows those disgusting plug-in synthetic fragrancers out of the park. It’s discrete and simple. I’m a true convert.

But in the meantime I have been sent a gorgeous room spray by Miller Harris – Bois Sauvage Room Spray £20. Funnily enough, I have just returned from Marrakech, so was happy to see the deep, woody fragrance of cedar from the Atlas Mountains forms the base. The other notes include bergamot, rosemary and thyme, with hints of citrus dancing over the top – it’s quite masculine. But of course, I forgot to mention room sprays in my last blog. So here goes: I use NEOM Time to Unwind and Cowshed Lazy Cow in the bedroom, and Kai in the living room. Now Miller Harris Bois Sauvage takes its place in the bathroom. Smells good.


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