Like a candle in the bin…

1 Dec

I burn a lot of candles. Not just because I’m a beauty writer and ‘that’s what we do’, but also because we have an open-plan kitchen/living room so it’s essential for getting rid of cooking smells from time to time. Also because I love the glow it gives and how good my skin/hair/patent boots look in that glow. But our open plan living space is also cream – the carpet is a pale oatmeal colour, the walls are off-white and the sofas are cream. I managed to hide the first few black ash marks on the carpet from my husband with strategically-moved cabinets. Then when I thought he might be looking up at the ceiling where a couple of dark clouds had settled, I would distract him with a cry of ‘My god, the telly’s got a crack!’ The final straw came when he removed the sofa cushions recently to find a pristine cream coloured patch amid now rather greying fabric. These sofas are only a year old and are as yet unstained (well, there might be a couple of marks, but I’ve turned the cushions over so he doesn’t know that yet), so he was pretty crestfallen. And then pretty irate when I lit another candle on the side table next to the offending discolouration.

So now I have a quandary: no more candles allowed in the living room, but still the same foodie smells. And it’s coming up to Christmas which for me is all about candles and the scents of cinnamon, frankincense and ginger. Aromatherapy Associates, thankfully have the answer.

First, I should say my mother worked as an aromatherapist while I was growing up. She had her own practice, and our house always had the most beautiful oils wafting through. She topped all of our lamp lightbulbs with ring burners that you filled with oil and then heated up when the lamp was on. We also had oil burners in our rooms with little candles cooking up all that lovely essential oil for bed time – be it lavender to aid sleep or tea tree to get rid of a cold. I still have an oil burner (metal – always better) in my kitchen in which I burn tea tree and ginger when we’re cooking. So, essential oils have always been very important to me, whether it’s purely for a nice smell or for their medicinal properties. I am a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates as well as the pure essential oils my mother still orders in bulk from Natural Touch. So now I’m in a fragrance conundrum, I thought back to how my mother always got the house smelling so beautifully. My husband unfortunately classed tea lights as candles, so no-go there, but Aromatherapy Associates’ electric home fragrancer (£37) will vaporise the oils with any naked flames or smoky puffs. Mine arrived this morning with a selection of oils, from Revive and Relax to Support which will hopefully ward off lurgies with eucalyptus and tea tree. It’s plugged in and ready to go! Review to follow…

Footnote: I should add, to any PRs or family members returning the candles they were going to send, my bedroom and bathroom are still full of them so keep ’em coming. Thank you.


5 Responses to “Like a candle in the bin…”

  1. Marina(Makeup4All) December 1, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    “I burn a lot of candles. Not just because I’m a beauty writer and ‘that’s what we do’ ” LOL.

    Actually just in the middle of your post I’ve realized that I want to burn a candle so now I enjoy my Jonathan Ward Dance in Summer Rain hehe

    I was browsing Aromatherapy Associates website this week thinking what to get. What are your faves? x

    • The Three Graces December 5, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

      Hi Marina! I love ‘Relax’, which is a gorgeous blend of geranium and myrrh, and for the kitchen ‘Revive’ which is more citrusy. Basically it’s a personal thing though – you need to have a good sniff if you can. But I think those two are going to be fairly universally appealing. Let me know what you think. x

  2. the legologist December 2, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    No need to worry until you burn the house down Grace. Then you can just pass it off as an occupational hazard for the most seasoned beauty writers. X

  3. carrie December 4, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    oh I love oils… one tip I found is: a damp face cloth put on a few drops of your fave oil then put the cloth on the warm radiator, it will give a gentle aroma till dry…just keep it damp
    enjoy x

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