LoveArtLondon: Rob Ryan

15 Nov


(c) Rob Ryan


Love Art London is an independent member’s club that gives us access to out-of-hours, unique art experiences in London beyond the queues at The Tate and the school groups at The National Gallery. With them I have watched an Andy Goldsworthy film in a horse hospital, gone behind the scenes at Sotheby’s to touch the works up for sale, and enjoyed a candlelight tour of Apsley House. This, though, was my favourite so far… a tour of Rob Ryan’s exhibition at Air Gallery: The Stars Shine All Day Too.

I’ve been a huge Rob Ryan fan for years. As you know, I love intricacies and none can beat his mind-blowing, steady-handed paper cuts, extolling the virtues of love, romance and goodness. So when Love Art London offered the chance to see the new show with Rob in situ, I was all of a dither. Unfortunately Rob couldn’t make it in the end as he’s got another show to work on up North, but his two agents, one fine art, the other commercial, took us through the collection, enlightening us as to rob’s processes and psyche. It was a joy, and I can’t wait for part two: a visit to Rob’s studio RyanTown to meet the man himself.



(c) Love Art London

(c) Rob Ryan

(c) Rob Ryan

Going straight onto my cosmic wishlist is a Rob Ryan papercut. But with prices hitting around £20,000, a print is more likely perhaps.

(c) Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan has also created a fan clutch bag for Lulu Guinness with swarovski crystals picking out the couple from Starry Starry Night.

(c) Love Art London

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  1. Kate November 17, 2010 at 2:22 am #

    These are very cool.

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