The dressing table that saved my marriage*.

6 Nov

It’s an occupational hazard that I try out a lot of make-up, and once I’ve tried it it’s no good to anyone, so it fills my dressing table, and starts to intrude upon my husband’s living space (that’s the polite way of expressing his viewpoint, of course). Finally, after years of stuffing things under the bed and rediscovering them years later when already beyond use, I discovered a couple of things that have rescued me from probable divorce. Excuse the bad photographs.

Muji’s perspex storage boxes are used by international make-up artists to keep their own stashes clean and organised. They’re clever dividers make it easier to catalogue and then find what you’re looking for. For me, it means I see things I wouldn’t have missed buried at the bottom of my bedside drawer or an unused handbag, but instead rediscover from time to time.

The other system I’ve come to only recently is the professional make-up kit box. Having been on umpteen shoots and spent most of the time cooing over the make-up artists kit, I finally looked into where and how I would get one. Sally Hair and Beauty is the industry-insider choice – like a beautician’s supermarket, it has everything you need to be a beauty pro. But it also has high street stores so you and I can pop in too, for a pro hairdryer, a box of nail varnishes, a make-up box… When I went into my local Sally’s the sales assistant did take issue with my request to see the Beauty Boxes (see or “Are you a make-up artist?” “Er, no.” “What then, a hairdresser?” “No. Can I still buy one?” “Well, do you have a trade card?” “No. I just have a lot of make-up…” And so it went on for some time. She was so confused she actually knocked a bit off the price for me. But in the end, I came away with my box. I understand her concerns – they’re not pretty, they’re really cumbersome and they’re for professionals, so why would you want one for your bedroom? As I said, I have a lot of make-up.

Then there’s your make-up bag – I love Miller Harris’ new purses and Lisa Stickley London bags too. Lots of make-up artists use clear bags not unlike the Muji so they can see straight away what’s inside, but I prefer a pretty one myself. So nobody can see when my bronzer explodes, mainly.

*Disclaimer: Ok, that’s stretching the hook a bit. But I’ve noticed the ‘personal’ blogs I thought I’d steer clear of seems to be more popular than the other, so…


2 Responses to “The dressing table that saved my marriage*.”

  1. The Three Graces November 8, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    I love the perspex box, like you I have taken over my OH side of the bathroom shelves etc…and like you I find wonderful eye stuff or a lippt or two well out of date but totally gorgeous.
    thanks for the storge tips x

  2. Amy November 8, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    I’m a pretty minimal make-up girl so I wouldn’t need one of these… but I love looking at yours all organised neatly!


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