A Three Graces Mix Tape, Pt 2

31 Oct

Yesterday we began The Three Graces’ mix tape, as orchestrated by my friend Christian Nash, a top London DJ. I asked him to present to The Three Graces his favourite tunes of the moment, what’s playing on his iPod right now, what he’s got all evangelical about, what he’d put on a mix tape. So here’s the second five following on from yesterday’s a-side.

Part II

Sun Airway – Oh Naoko

“Possibly my discovery of the year, I happened on this band completely randomly while browsing the music blogger’s encyclopedia, The Hype Machine. This Philadelphia outfit have pulled out a beauty of a track which fans of Animal Collective will be instantly drawn to, in all its ethereal wonder. If you do like this, cast your ears over his debut album Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier which is, aside from its release being about 3 months too late for the type of album it is, nothing short of glorious.”

Maximum Balloon – Groove Me

“Weird name, great album. Real name David Sitek, from day-to-day you’ll find him playing as part of the New York group, TV On The Radio. The really interesting thing about this dude, currently sat at no.46 on the NME’s cool list 2010, is that you may not have heard of him per se but you may well have heard his work as a producer – he’s been involved in a variety of albums over the last few years, including Foals’ 5-star debut Antidotes, all of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s LP’s and even the debut album from Hollywood treacle, Scarlett Johansson. Under the guise of Maximum Balloon he has called on a few notable friends, including TVOTR band member Tunde Adebimpe, he of Talking Heads, David Byrne and possibly the world’s coolest female front person, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s very own Karen O to deliver an album that is a genre-hopping feast from start to finish, kicking off brilliantly with the delightfully disco-infused Groove Me.”

Young British Artists – Lived in Skin

“I actually know very little about Manchester-based 4 piece Young British Artists, but I really like what I’ve heard so far.  With a really raw, guitar-filled sound and vocals from frontman Ben Philips that ape those of The Bravery’s Sam Endicott, these boys are on to a winner. There’s no album out as yet, but I urge you to get your grubby mitts on debut release, the Small Waves EP and more recently the Lived in Skin double A-side from which this track comes. I predict Young British Artists will make some serious noise over the next 18 months.”

Bonobo – Eyesdown (ft. top new UK talent Andreya Triana)

“An old ‘chill-out’ (cringe) favourite of mine is Bonobo. He and I go way back to his debut Animal Magic, which is still one of the most played albums on my iPod 10 years on. Some of you might know Simon Green for his breakthrough tracks Kota and Terrapin which have appeared on nearly every Blissful Balearic Chilled Transcendental Lobster vol 9 compilation you can think of since the turn of the millennium. He’s now onto album number 4 (excluding the various compilations he’s done) and Black Sands could well be his best offering yet. For me, Eyesdown is by far the stand out track and I can nigh-on guarantee you will have the whole album on repeat for days.”

And finally…

Ian Brown – F.E.A.R

“This is one of my favourite songs of all time. You can find this little beauty on Ian Brown’s third solo album ‘Music of the Spheres’ from 2001 – There are 3 great reasons why this tune is just so good: 1. The anthemic strings that accompany the track; 2. The music video – played entirely in reverse, we see King Monkey himself cycling through Soho on one seriously cool, custom BMX; 3. Each lyric begins with F, E, A, R throughout the song, which is a nice touch. Mr Brown, I salute you.”

Enjoy, Christian


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