A Three Graces Mix Tape, Pt 1

30 Oct

My friend Christian Nash is a true music-buff. He’s a DJ extraordinaire, man who filled my laptop with the tunes that have accompanied the last 8 years of my life. He spun at Glastonbury this year and has two shows: one at XFM and the other The ADN Project, an online music mission to educate our ears. I asked him to present to The Three Graces his favourite tunes of the moment, what’s playing on his iPod right now, what he’s got all evangelical about, what he’d put on a mix tape. So here’s the first five – the second five will follow tomorrow.

Part I 

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

“You know when you hear a song and it just sticks in your head for ages afterwards? That has to be one of my favourite things. Taken from the Edinburgh-based four piece’s debut These Four Walls, and no doubt drawing inspiration from kindred Scotsmen Idlewild, Frightened Rabbit and early Biffy Clyro, WWPJ deliver a frantic and uplifting anthem that will guarantee fervent foot tapping and maybe a sprinkling of furious air guitar.”

The Tallest Man on Earth –The Gardener

“I caught this chap performing earlier this year in Notting Hill – myself and the rest of the ADN Project team genuinely felt it was nothing short of a spell-binding. Some might accuse him of treading a very thin line between emulating the sound of Bob Dylan and straight-up ripping him off, but I firmly believe this guy deserves the chance to be heard. He’s just released a new EP Sometimes the Blues is Just A Passing Bird, but I’d start with his debut Shallow Grave, on which you’ll find The Gardener.”

Phoenix 1901

“Without question my favourite tune from 2009, and one of my top albums of the decade – Thomas Mars and his chums returned last year after a 3 year hiatus with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix an LP awash with toe-tapping indie-pop goodness. Its highlights for me are Lasso, Love Like A Sunset pt1 and this brilliant track. For fellow music nerds out there, get onto www.blogotheque.com and search ‘Phoenix Concert at Emporter’ to catch an acoustic version performed at the Trocadero in Paris.”

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

“This 5 and a half minutes masterpiece from Canadian sextet is on their second album Neon Bible. While the majority of music journos are busy singing the praises of Arcade Fire’s newest album The Suburbs (and rightly so as it’s an excellent record), I’d like to draw your attention to their previous offering. This track has everything – a rapid rhythm, entrancing harmonies and the wonderful use of accordions, which all combines to make this one incredible piece of music.”

Jose Gonzalez – Far Away

“I challenge anyone to tell me that Jose’s debut LP Veneer wasn’t one of their favourite albums of 2005 – you will all remember seeing *that* Sony TV ad with the bouncing balls that saw Senor Gonzalez’s career literally explode. His debut is my most played album by a country mile on iTunes. Far Away is one of his more recent songs and one of his best – and for gaming types, you’ll recognise it as the track that features on Red Dead Redemption!”


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