The Damned & The Beautiful #9

29 Oct

Well I’ll be damned, this week I’ve actually done a little shopping. Real shopping, yes. So here’s the beautiful bits I have come across this week and actually taken home (albeit with a combination of discount cards, haggling and the free beauty samples that come with the job…)

I love Reiss. I didn’t think I’d ever be a cape-wearer but this beauty won me over. Ongoing confusion about how to hold my shoulder bag, but muddling through… (£195,

Having worked out the problem with our boiler (the thermostat wasn’t switched on) my skin is slowly but surely drying out. I once went to Emma Hardie for her facial workout – her massage techniques literally drain and exercise the key bits until you have actual cheek bones and a glowing complexion. I felt that if her facial could be so miraculous, this cleanse-and-exfoliate starter kit must be worth a whirl. (£39,

Another Reiss purchase, this ‘relaxed’ blazer is just the right mix of slouchy and sharp. I’ve been looking for one to top off t-shirts, blouses, shirts and little dresses for ages so this was a timely buy. (£179,

Trying to avoid switching on the heating has seen me hovering above my candles, rubbing my hands together. (Bamford)

Kenneth Lane 22 karat gold medallion (£30,

I’ve just finished The Mitford Girls by Mary Lovell and am now hooked. So this is my next read – a novel by the oldest Mitford daughter, Nancy, who was thought to pull most stories and characters from her real circle of family and friends. (Penguin)

Shiseido Future Solutions LX Eye and Lip Contour Cream (£100, Shiseido) – if you saw me right now you’d know why.

I’ve just bought this beauty box from my local branch of Sally Hair & Beauty. I’ve got rid of all the various boxes, bags and packets around my bathroom and bedroom, and fitted it all into this and my clear Muji drawers. (


One Response to “The Damned & The Beautiful #9”

  1. livinginsingcity October 29, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    I love the cape! Quite a week for you GT xx

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