Spoonfed Suppers: cooking for idiots (who can’t be bothered)

18 Oct

I very rarely cook. My first meal for my husband left his usually cast iron stomach in a state suggestive of a Noro-Virus outbreak. I have made a couple of forays into cooking for friends, but it tends to be things that don’t require actual cooking – I’m good at moving produce from package to bowl and arranging biscuits decoratively. The problem is I’m not very good and I don’t really care – it’s a vicious circle. But after countless cook books, lessons from my mother and hours watching my husband cook, I have found a reason to try again… Candy. Not Candy as an ingredient or reward for cooking, but Candy Delaney of Spoonfed Suppers. She doesn’t require you to traipse round a farmer’s market fingering aubergines, nor does she expect you to give up the day job to prepare three square meals a day for your ‘other half’. Rather, she supplies you with your simple shopping list every week, followed by daily recipes for supper by the cookery book of the twenty-first century: email. She promises each meal will incur no more than 550 calories, no more than 10% saturated fat (usually less than 5% in fact), and no more than 30 minutes of cooking and preparation time. So she’s your nutrionist and your Delia Smith all in one, without having to offer her a thing in return. Meals like Stella McCartney’s Melting Aubergines with Sweet Peppers, Creamy Horseradish Salmon, Sugar Snaps and Lentils, or Hearty Chicken and Minestrone Soup… I’m hungry (and ordering a takeaway) just thinking about it.

I’ve signed up on her website for these daily guides. So far I haven’t cooked one meal, of course, but now I am working from home more often, I shall do my best. Watch this space. And keep the Pepto Bismol within reach. www.spoonfedsuppers.com



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