Jessica Ogden’s quilts for A.P.C.

17 Oct

Handicrafts are all the rage of course – one of the formerly ‘dull’/’passé’ hobbies brought back to the front row by so-called recessionistas. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m not so hot with a needle and thread – great in theory, takes too long in practice. I did go to one meeting of a stitch-and-bitch type group, and managed half a row of knitting and three glasses of wine.

But nevertheless, the enduring phase has seen some beautiful pieces created, some pieces I have coveted myself. None more than the quilts Jessica Ogden has designed, using the A.P.C. fabric archive. It’s environmentally friendly, has provided work for artisans in the Bangalore region of India and gives that ‘I craft’ impression without having to don a thimble. I mean, imagine wasting all those sublime A.P.C. prints  – quelle horreur! I for one love these quilts, inspired, Jessica says, by the quilts her mother made from Kenzo off-cuts.

There will be just 30 copies of each of the seven quilts, on sale at A.P.C. from October 28th. But thankfully this tantalizingly brief program will be followed by another collection of seven quilts.


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