Weird things we do in the name of fashion.

16 Sep


As London Fashion Week starts tomorrow, I’m mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of shows. A lot of people want to go to fashion shows, of course. When London Fashion Week was at The Natural History Museum, you’d often see a queue of wackily dressed fashion students snaking round the block to try their luck at getting into everything from Paul Costelloe (it’s usually at 9am on the first day – I think the students assumed most editors are still planning their outfits for the week) to Gareth Pugh (NEEEEEEver gonna happen, girls). But once you have to go to all of them as an employee of fashion, a whole month of shows is an exhausting though exciting prospect, so often less appealing. It’s certainly not something you’d do for a laugh once it’s part of the (albeit fabulous) day job. 

However, 7 months after I left Vogue, crying “No more shows!” I actually took time out from my honeymoon, the first holiday I’d had in two years, to go to a fashion show. We happened to be in Florence the week of Pitti Imaggine Uomo – the SS11 menswear event – which happened to be the week Suzy Menkes, Jefferson Hack and Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist) were in town. I feigned ignorance when I got an email on my blackberry from the PR for the event inviting us to the Jil Sander SS11 menswear show, but then went to great lengths to extol the virtues of the free bubbly, free food and out-of-this-world setting to my new husband, thinking those would be the sole attractions for him. 

Anyway, here’s some pictures of the show. And a link to the brief video I made – bespectacled newly-wed husband to the left, Jefferson Hack to the right. Worth the effort, non? 



2 Responses to “Weird things we do in the name of fashion.”

  1. FortyNotOut September 16, 2010 at 9:28 am #

    A very good point – if it’s not your job to get to all the shows, it’s very appealing. I’m coming up on Monday for two shows and a couple of other things and am really excited about it. But I know I’ll be exhausted when I come back home on Tuesday morning… and thats only doing it for a day. I can only imagine a months worth with the added bonus of jet lag too! xx

    • The Three Graces September 16, 2010 at 11:44 am #

      Oh I didn’t mean to sound negative about them – I love going to the shows! A new season, new inspirations and new trends – how can you not enjoy them. But as you say, a show every hour for a month(if you go to them all)is pretty exhausting prospect, which is why it made my husband laugh that after countless seasons of late nights and running around London with a healthy dose of ‘fashion flu’ I was gagging to go to another show. That’s the point – it never stops being exciting, even if you’re knackered! I’m a very lucky girl to be able to go to them, and long may it last!

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