J’adore Dior

30 Aug
Reasons to adore Dior? As if you needed one.
I love a bit of Dior, me. Granted I only own a pair of sunny-Gs at the moment. But I’m nurturing the relationship between myself and that house of heavenlies.
An incredible sense of fantasy and magnificence floats around those four little letters: D-I-O-R. Like Chanel and YSL it has just as much to offer your make-up bag as your wardrobe, and as one who has always lacked a waist, I can’t help but be drawn to the wasp cinch of the New Look like no other – I have spent hours in the Vogue archives looking at those impossibly tiny waists balanced by substantial busts and a great expanse of skirt. Then one day, in an old bookshop, I fell a little deeper…
Because if, like me, you find the couture is strangely beyond what your wage allows, you can start with Dior by Dior, Christian’s autobiography of 1957. You can buy it in paperback from Amazon.com now, but I have a tattered old hardback, purporting to be a 1st edition, that smells like my great-uncle Arthur’s living room. I read it in one sitting and was gutted to realise he wrote no more as he died that year – it’s definitely worth adding to your bookshelf. His description of how he creates a collection is a huge insight into fashion design of then and now.
One little joyful nugget is:
“…for fashion is always right – it has a fundamental rightness which those who create it, like those who follow it, often know nothing about.”
Well that told us, eh?
“The prime need of fashion is to please and attract, consequently this attraction must never result in uniformity, the mother of boredom.”
Something Galliano has clearly drawn upon in his grand epoch at Dior.
Then back in June, I went to Paris with Dior’s press team and was treated to a one-off exhibition of more breathtaking dresses from the Dior archives – both Christian’s and those of his successors, Yves St Laurent and Galliano. I know the photos suck (due to it being in a darkened exhibition space, where my view was obscured by jostling Parisians and Monica Bellucci’s pout), but you can get the gist… Sublime theatre, beauty and whimsy. What’s not to love? Next time, THOSE sunglasses and my trip to the Dior Institut.


Tomorrow I’m off to Dubrovnik on a lovely press trip, digging for more beauties to bring to the blogiverse. See you on the other side.


Added on September 3rd for Linda Boucher!

Copyright Rene Gruau/Dior 1955

 LOOK at that waist, Linda! This is my favourite Rene Gruau for Dior – used in advertising campaigns circa 1955. I’d like a whole bunch of these, please.


3 Responses to “J’adore Dior”

  1. linda September 3, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Do you know Rene Grau’s Dior illustrations?
    They are among my favorite things in all the world.

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